How do I access the McGraw-Hill Medical sites in my subscription?

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If you are on site at your institution, you should be able to seamlessly access the site(s) of interest from any computer. If you are experiencing difficulty accessing a site, please contact your library's reference desk.

If you are off site, you can log in to our sites using just your MyAccess profile, provided you previously created a MyAccess profile while logged in to your institution’s network. If you haven’t established a MyAccess profile, you will first need to log in to your institution’s network (instructions below) and then sign up for one. You can also gain access to our sites by just logging in through your institution, but establishing a MyAccess profile is a more convenient method to view our sites remotely.

Remote access is provided for a period of 90 days, which renews back to 90 days whenever you sign into your MyAccess Profile while at your institution or are authenticated through your institution's proxy access. If your 90 days has expired, you must login with your MyAccess Profile while at your institution or while authenticated through your institution's proxy to reset your remote access to the maximum of 90 days.

A majority of institutions use a proxy server to provide remote access to their users. To log in using a proxy server:

1. Go to your institution's library website.
2. Locate the databases or electronic resources page.
3. Locate the site you wish to access. When you click on it, you will be re-routed to your institution's proxy log-in page and asked for your institutional log-in credentials (often the same username and password you use to log into your computer or gain access to your institution's intranet, though log-in credentials vary by institution). Once you have logged in, you will be rerouted to the site.

Note: Not all institutions use proxy servers, so if the instructions above do not apply to you, please contact your library reference desk to find out about remote access at your institution.

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