Is there a method that I can enable to get email notifications when new books are added to Access Medicine and Access Pharmacy ?

Denise Cardon on Jun 08, 2018 • 1 answer
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Yes. When you go to AccessMedicine, sign into your MyAccess profile.

Once you are signed in, click again on the dropdown for MyAccess and select "My Settings".

Once under My Settings, click on "My Alerts" and you may manage your email preferences on this page.

Another way to setup alerts is to sign into your MyAccess profile, and click on "Get Alerts" link under the book covers on the home page; or, while looking at the Books page, selecting "Tools" and then "Get Alerts" will present the same frequency options.

You can manage your frequency of alerts at any time using any of these methods. Remember you must be signed into your MyAccess Profile first in all cases.

Dominik Pucek on Jun 08, 2018
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