Hello, I would like to use 3 images from Morgan & Mchail 6edition. How do I obtain permission to reproduce the images in an academic lecture. If you direct me to another website, please provide

monica rose on Mar 14, 2019 • 1 answer
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detailed step by step directions for obtaining permission. Thank you Monica


Hello, Monica:

Thank you for your question! Permission to photocopy or republish excerpts from McGraw-Hill books and digital resources may be obtained by submitting a written request to McGraw-Hill Education’s
Permissions Department. Please user this follow link (https://www.mheducation.com/permissions.html) for further instructions.

However, users may display, download, or print out PowerPoint slides and images
associated with the site--for personal and educational use only. Educational use refers
to classroom teaching, lectures, presentations, rounds, and other instructional activities,
such as displaying, linking to, downloading, printing and making and distributing multiple
copies of said isolated materials in both print and electronic format. Users will only
display, distribute, or otherwise make such PowerPoint slides and images from the
applicable materials available to students or other persons attending in-person
presentations, lectures, rounds or other similar instructional activities presented or given
by User.

Commercial use of the PowerPoint slides and images are not permitted. Users may
modify the content of downloaded PowerPoint slides only for educational (noncommercial) use, however the source and attribution may not be modified. Users may
not otherwise copy, print, transmit, rent, lend, sell or modify any images or modify or
remove any proprietary notices contained therein, or create derivative works based on
materials therefrom. They also many not disseminate any portion of the applicable sites
subscribed to hereunder through electronic means except as outlined above, including
mail lists or electronic bulletin boards.

Here is a link to this information on the Access User Center FAQ: http://bit.ly/2Catec3