Access Online Medical Resources and OMMBID Usage Statistics

Everything you need to know about usage statistics for Access Online Medical Resources and OMMBID.

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Oct 31, 2016

Your administrator log-in information was sent to you in your subscription welcome email. If you need a reminder, please contact User Services.

2014-Present Usage Statistics

Usage statistics for your Access medical subscriptions are available through SiteMaster. You can access the reports using your admin username and password that was provided in your welcome letter. If you do not have these credentials, please contact UserServices.

Other Reports

These are our comprehensive usage reports that are most closely aligned to the specific functionality of the Access sites.


To request access to your institution’s COUNTER Report, please contact User Services.

Note: The Unique Sessions metric has been removed from the COUNTER Code of Practice, so we are no longer including that in our statistics offerings.

COUNTER Reports Offered

Book Report 2: Number of successful section requests by month and title

Multimedia Report 1: Number of successful full multimedia content unit requests by month and collection

Book Report 3: Access Denied to content items by month, title, and category

  • Access Denied content item not licensed: User is denied access to a content item because the user or the user’s institution does not have access rights under an agreement with the vendor
  • Access denied: concurrent/ simultaneous user license limit exceeded: An unsuccessful log-in to an electronic service due to exceeding the simultaneous/concurrent user limit allowed by the license.

Platform Report 1: Total searches, result clicks and record views by month and platform

  • Search:A user-driven intellectual query, typically equated to submitting the search form of the online service to the server
  • Result click: A click originating from a set of search results
  • Record View: A Successful Request for a database record that has originated from a set of search results, from browsing the database, or from a click on another database record. (NB: this does not apply to our resources so it will always be zero)

Other Report Definitions

Search: A user-driven intellectual query, typically equated to submitting the search form of the online service to the server

Content Access: Encompasses all non-search activity on the site. Includes search result clicks, book chapter expansion, print/email content, enlarge/download image, video play.

2013 and Prior Years Usage Statistics

Legacy usage data for all usage prior to January 8, 2014 is available from our Legacy Statistics portal. You can sign into this portal using your SiteMaster credentials.

JAMAevidence Statistics

JAMAevidence moved to a new platform in January 2015. Statistics for January 2015 and earlier are available from our Legacy Statistics portal.

Statistics for February 2015 and later are available in Sitemaster.

Easy Test Prep Sites Statistics

2015 usage for the Easy sites can be obtained from your Admin account. If you have forgotten your admin username and password, please contact User Services.

2014 and earlier usage can be obtained from our Legacy Statistics portal.

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