Enhancements to MyAccess

Improvements to favorites and breadcrumbs

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Dec 02, 2015

We are pleased to announce the following enhancements to the MyAccess feature:

My Favorites

  • New “Cases” tab to easily find bookmarked Case content
  • The “Video” tab is now called “Multimedia” to more accurately reflect the kind of content bookmarked there. More than just videos, it also houses saved animations, lectures, interactive modules, and other media types found on our site

Improved breadcrumbs

  • We are now including the site name (AccessMedicine, AccessPharmacy) as well as the name of the saved item for your Favorite/Recently Viewed content so that users know which of their subscribed sites their bookmarked content comes from.
  • When bookmarking chapter sections, we now include the chapter title. For example, the user has bookmarked a section on “Treatment” from a chapter in CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment. Without the chapter title included, this breadcrumb has no context. With the chapter title included, it lets them know it is Treatment related to X.

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