Updated Flashcards on the Access Platform

A brand new user experience.

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Feb 01, 2017

We are pleased to announce an upgrade to the interface for the flashcard decks on the Access platform. You can explore the new interface for the flashcards at the following sites:

Navigation between decks, topics and cards has been streamlined so that there is more clarity on how to navigate around the various decks.

We have added a left-hand so it is easier for users to see where they are within a given resource and how to navigate to different topics within it. We have also added a number count on the cards so students can allocate their study time based on the number of cards within a given topic. Users can also jump to a specific card with a new “select card” feature.

The flashcards are now built with responsive design so they can be viewed easily from a phone or tablet.

We have also introduced a new A-Z navigation for flashcard decks that organize content by letter, allowing students to navigate this content more easily in bite-size pieces.

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