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Nicole West 4 months ago

does the system add up hours or keep track of time searching or using access medicine?  where does this information show up or how do you monitor or log the category 1 hours

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Dana Thimons, MLIS, MS 4 months ago

Hi, Nicole:

Thank you for your question.

 In order to earn CME credits, you must ensure that you are signed into you MyAccess personal profile. 

You can begin to earn CME credit by navigating directly to a piece of content from one of the
eligible titles or by discovering it via search. After 15 seconds of reading the content, CME will be unlocked and it will populate to the dashboard. By clicking on the CME icon, you can begin the process of claiming credit.  Content can be saved in your MyAccess profile for one year, or you can begin the process of claiming your credit immediately. 

If you have additional questions, please feel free to email User Services at mheducation.com.