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Trouble with OpenAthens?

Try using a WAYFLess URL!

You can link directly to our sites without having to use the 'Where Are You From' (WAYF) page. The WAYFless URL will provide you with a direct link for Shibboleth authentication to the corresponding sites.

You will need your OpenAthens entity ID to create a WAYFless URL. If you're an institutional admin, find your entity ID on Sitemanager. If you're another user, you can ask your librarian or do a search on Google.

To create a WAYFless URL, please follow the instructions below:

Medical Access sites:

(Where it says, type the medical access site that you would like to access. Where it says ENTITYID, enter your OpenAthens entity ID.)


You can also direct users to specific content on the Access site by replacing the red URL above with the URL of a particular book on the site. 

eBook Library:



Test Prep sites:



PA Exam Prep:




Create a Free MyAccess Profile

The Access User Center contains information for librarians and end users of the McGraw Hill Medical suite of Access and Collection websites.