Important COUNTER 5 Information 

On January 24, 2019, McGraw Hill implemented COUNTER 5 reporting for the Access sites in accordance with the COUNTER Release 5.

COUNTER 5 replaces COUNTER 4. COUNTER 4 was sunset at the close of 2020, and SiteMaster has ceased capturing usage for COUNTER 4. All historical COUNTER 4 reports will be available until January 1, 2026. Usage data for 2021 and forward will only be available via COUNTER 5 reporting. Reports in COUNTER 5 will keep two rolling years of historical data. 

Please note: Consortia-level reporting is not included in COUNTER Release 5. We will continue to provide our proprietary consortia-level reporting in tandem.

For additional information about COUNTER, please visit

COUNTER 5 reports are different from COUNTER 4 in many ways. For guidance on transitioning from COUNTER 4 to COUNTER 5, see the COUNTER Transition User Guide.

Also, to help make sense of your usage reports, check out our document on COUNTER 4 to COUNTER 5: Changes and Key Takeaways.

All reports for the current month are available five business days into the following month, e.g., reports for July 2021 will be available five business days into August 2021.

How to Pull Usage Statistics

Here are instructions on how to pull usage statistics for your institution.

Watch our overview video showing how to navigate the admin controls in SiteMaster and an overview of usage reports.  

Please go to:

Step 1. Enter the admin username and password.  Only the admin username and password will allow you pull usage statistics.  If you do not know your username or password, please contact Customer Success (    

Step 2. For usage statistics, please choose COUNTER R4 Reports, COUNTER R5 Reports, or Other Reports. Please note that the Other Reports are not COUNTER reports. 

Explanation of Reports: A list of available reports with brief explanations of each report is provided below Step 4. 

Other Reports are McGraw Hill's proprietary reports. With “Other Reports,” you can filter usage by site. The “Other Reports” data is extracted using McGraw Hill’s raw statistics. These statistics will differ slightly from your COUNTER reports due to a different methodology to counting usage. 

Step 3. Choose the date range, or click on “Select the current year-to-date,” scroll to select a report type, and click download.