USMLE Quiz Question Mapping


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Students may see questions in their USMLE quiz that cover skills they did not select. 

These questions appear because they match one or more of the skills the student selected, but may have been linked to other unrelated skills. When any question is mapped to more than one skill, such as a question mapped to both "hematopoietic and lymphoreticular system" and "Cardiovascular System,” such question will display in the practice quiz even though the student selected just one of the skills.

Students can see the list of skills mapped to any question(s) on the right hand side pane, under the "Study this topic" section. Please refer to the screenshot below:

In the screenshot above, the question is mapped to four skills. The question is delivered to the student if any of the 4 skills were selected by the student.

In case you think any of the questions were mapped incorrectly, please let the SMEs know.

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