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Here are the different methods of authentication for institutional Access customers:

IP Authentication Institutional subscribers submit their network IP ranges to McGraw Hill Medical during subscription setup. These ranges are verified and loaded into the system and all users coming from inside the range are automatically provided seamless access from any IP-authenticated computer.

Referring URL/Domain Institutional subscribers can place registered links to our site(s) behind their secure login (for example, a library site that has already validated a student). The institution must register the domain and URLs where the links are placed with McGraw Hill Medical during subscription setup. These links will then automatically and seamlessly log the user into the site(s) every time they are clicked. 

Referring URLs enable subscribers to integrate Access Medical content in their courses by embedding our durable URLs in their LMS (e.g., Blackboard, Canvas, etc.).

To add a Referring URL to your account subscription, please contact Technical Support ( or Customer Success ( at McGraw Hill.

Shibboleth Authentication Shibboleth is a single-sign-on method that is attached to the institution, and allows them one sign on to multiple products they subscribe to.  If an institution has a Shibboleth Federation ID they would like to register, they can contact Tech Support to set this up.  As of May 2018 we support the following federations:



UK Access Management Federation

We are also a member of eduGAIN, which allows us to enable Shibboleth authentication for participating federations and their affiliated institutions who are also members of eduGAIN.

SAML Authentication SAML is a single sign-on method that allows one to sign on to multiple resources and provides seamless interoperability between systems. If an institution would like to implement SAML authentication, they can contact Platform Support,, for additional information on implementing this access method.

EZproxy Configuration Remote access to the Access resources via EZProxy requires EZproxy 2.4c GA (2004-03-21) or later combined with this database definition:

T [Insert Site Name]

U [Insert Site URL]

DJ [Insert Site Domain]


You can find our most recent EZproxy stanza at this link, 

The stanza in that link applies to all of our medical sites so we recommend customers copy the entire stanza exactly into their proxy's configuration file in the event that they subscribe to a new site.

Please update your config file so that your proxy server allows you to connect to our sites. We can’t update it from our end.

Token Authentication: Tokens are only to be used when IP authentication is not an option.  Tokens can be provided to the customer who will distribute a unique code to every end-user.  The end-user will then create a MyAccess profile using that code.




Create a Free MyAccess Profile

The Access User Center contains information for librarians and end users of the McGraw Hill Medical suite of Access and Collection websites.

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