How to Access the Casebook Instructor's Guide

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The instructor's guide is provided only to individuals whom we can verify as instructors. Please email to request access. 

Once instructor privileges have been added to your MyAccess profile, please follow the steps in the video.

To access the Instructor Guide, you must be signed into your MyAccess profile. From the main navigation page, click on “Cases.” Then select an individual case. You should see that you now have a tab that says “Instructor Guide.”

We kindly remind you not to share these materials with students because many schools use the cases for graded assignments.

Lauren Weiner

Customer Success Coordinator, McGraw Hill

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys singing, writing songs and jokes, swimming, and learning new technologies. 

Lauren has a background in teaching with a master's in Instructional Technology and Media from Teachers College, Columbia University, and a bachelor's of science in Elementary Education with a second major in Creative Writing.

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