Access App: Access for Your Medical Education

Watch the recording our live webinar on the all new Access app from July 27, 2023.

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CLICK HERE TO VIEW RECORDING (for instructors and librarians)

CLICK HERE TO VIEW RECORDING (for students and librarians)

View the recording of this live session to explore what is available for instructors and librarians in McGraw Hill’s Access Medical collections for medical education, including our brand-new Access app! With the new app, faculty are assured their students have access to our content on their mobile devices.

In these sessions, we'll explore:

  • The Access profile – how to set up and connect to your institutional subscription, and the features and benefits of creating a profile
  • Tools for instructors, including resources for specific titles and how to link to content for course integration
  • Tools for librarians, including our LibGuide and how the app will help users discover more content
  • A live demo of the new Access app, including:
    • Logging in and setting up your profile
    • Using personalization features
    • How to favorite and create collections
    • Searching and filtering results
    • The variety of content and formats available

Finally, we’ll share where you can go for more help and resources, including our support site with videos, user guides, content maps, promos, and more.

Create a Free MyAccess Profile

The Access User Center contains information for librarians and end users of the McGraw Hill Medical suite of Access and Collection websites.